Magento 2 extension sub accounts / sublogins

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  • Admin - Sublogin configuration 2
  • Admin - Sublogin configuration 3
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  • Admin - Sublogin create 1
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  • Admin - Customer edit sublogin tab
  • Admin - Create sublogin budget - 1
  • Admin - Sublogin budget created - 1
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  • Admin - Sublogin budget created - 2
  • Admin - Create sublogin budget - 3 - Error
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  • Admin - Sublogin budget created - 4
  • Admin - Create sublogin budget - 5
  • Admin - Sublogin budget created - 5
  • Admin - Create subogin acl
  • Admin - Subogin acl created
  • Frontend - Customer add subogin 1
  • Frontend - Customer add subogin 2
  • Frontend - Customer add subogin 3
  • Frontend - Customer added sublogin
  • Frontend - Customer add subogin budget
  • Frontend - Customer added budget for subogin
  • Frontend - Customer is checking sublogin order which requires approval
  • Frontend - Customer approved sublogin order
  • Frontend - Sublogin login screen
  • Frontend - Sublogin order approval notice
  • Frontend - Sublogin per order amount limit
  • Frontend - Sublogin yearly amount limit

Short description

You need a possibility to handle sub accounts on your Magento B2B store? Our solution sublogin will fit your needs! Create child accounts under the parent account (main account) in Magento and use them e.g. as employee logins which have seperate data from main account in Magento. You can define own login credentials, address data, access levels through our own ACL implemention for the frontend (for example checkout). Also, you are able to restrict single sublogins to make a complete order. Instead, the order needs to be approved by the main account. Furthermore, use our budget management tool to assign budgets (per order, daily, monthly and yearly) - even for the future - for all sublogins seperately.

Functional overview

  • Add, edit and delete sub logins on a user account
  • Seperate carts for all sub-logins
  • Login in the frontend as a sub login using the sub logins email address
  • Login in the frontend as a sub login using the sub logins customer ID (extension customer ID required)
  • Email notification if a new sub login is created
  • Order approval for sublogin orders - main account needs to approve the orders
  • Powerful email management, incl. BCC receivers
  • Define different email templates (e.g. for each store)
  • Account refreshing email when a sub login logins in and the account is already deactivated
  • Expiration dates for sub logins can be defined (optionally - access can be time unlimited)
  • Renewal interval can be set (in days)
  • Simple renewal over an email (like forgot password in Magento)
  • Restrict sub login to just view his own orders in customer area (depends on system configuration value)
  • The main user account can create sub logins in the frontend
  • Restrict address book entries per sublogin (depends on system configuration value)
  • Fast CSV import of sublogins over import entity adapter
  • Complete REST API for creating, updating and deleting sublogins
  • View sublogin order seperatly in backend customer account area via email address filtering
  • Display of all available sublogin email addresses if a backend order is being created
  • Complete SOAP API for creating, updating and deleting sublogins
  • Support for multi store / multi website environments
  • Allow or disallow customer to create sublogins (configurable per customer)
  • Set max. amount of sublogins a customer can create (configurable per customer)
  • Allow sublogins theirselves to create sublogins (configurable per sublogin)
  • Define custom ACL / sublogin rights management (e.g. one sublogin can not place an order)
  • Set purchase limits for sublogins and main accounts
  • NEW: Define status of approval, approved and not approved oders (order status / order state)
  • NEW: Set a specific amount per sublogin were order approval is not needed, if it exceeds that amount approval is needed if approval is set per sublogin
  • NEW: Extended support of customer- and sublogin address books
  • NEW: Assign new registed customers automatically as sublogin of another customer where the domain matched
  • NEW: The main account customer automatically gets a CC of the order email of each of his sublogin orders

Creating sub accounts / sub logins or employee accounts per user account

The extension allows you to create sub accounts or so called "sub logins" for e.g. different employees of a user account in the backend area of Magento. These sub accounts are getting an own email address and password to login seperatly from the user account.

Creating sub accounts from the frontend area (configurable system setting, if sublogins can see this menu point)

For customer accounts it's possible to create their own sub logins in the frontend area of Magento (see at customer account area). This is a great opportunity for the shop owner to let the customers manage their employee accounts themselves.

Seperate carts for all sub logins

Every sub-login has it's own cart in Magento, so personal cart access is secured. If you like to use a shared account between main account and sublogin, it's just a click ahead.

Handle multi users per account

This extension also works great if you need to handle multi users per account, so sub accounts under the main account.

Account data will send via mail

Within registration of a new sub logins (on frontend or backend area), the sublogin will get an email with it's own credentials. You can fully modify the email creation and refreshing template, also for different store views.

Define an automatically expiration process of the sub logins (optional)

It's possible to define an expiration process of e.g. 90 or 180 days to automatically deactivate the user accounts. This might be helpful in the case old employee leave the company, but the login still persists. This configuration is not required, but can be set.

Adress book restriction per sublogin

Restrict a sublogin with a specific address book of the customer - or the sublogin can see all address entries from main account (configurable per sublogin)

Simple CSV import of sublogins

We are offering an import routine to import sublogins from a csv file (you can customize the import script yourself if you like). For instructions (fieldnames, delimiter and so on) see our manual.

Order approval for sublogin orders

Our B2B solution sublogins easily offers you to setup an order approval so that orders from sublogins needs the approval of their connected main account. Both partys are getting an email that an order with approve was made and the main account is able to either approve or decline the order in the my account area of his account.

Email template management, CC receivers

Our system comes with a well-developed template management, including the ability to set BCC to all sublogin template emails. And you can define CC receivers either per whole account (customer area) for sublogin email templates and additionally another CC receiver for a single sublogin also.

Powerful REST API for sublogins

RESTful webservice for create, rename, update and delete sublogins over a HTTPs connection.

Powerful SOAP API (v1 and v2 supported)

According to Magento SOAP API we developed a seperate SOAP API for sub-logins including CRUD (create, rename, update, delete). Using wsdl as definition makes it easy to implement.

We are officially supporting the integration for Tinx-IT B.V. - TinxIT Connector for Navision.

Added Multi store / Multi website support

If you are running your installation under a multi store environment, our extension supports this fully.

Custom ACLs for different groups of sublogins

With our custom ACL management system you can setup different rights for different sublogins. Simply call the function in your template to e.g. prevent some sublogins to order something.

Purchase limits per sublogin and main account

Easily setup purchase limits with a defined limit either per day, month or year (specific) or also daily, monthly or yearly (repeated). You can setup those purchase limits per sublogin, and also for the main account itself.

Extensive address book support

This extension comes with an extensive support of the address book feature for sublogins. Beside defining own address book entries either from frontend (like the usual customer would do) and backend (same UI as for main customer) it can be choosen from 3 general settings mirroring the main customer address book:

  • Disallow using customer addresses
  • Allow using all customer addresses
  • Custom (address entries can be choosen from backend/frontend)

This setting can be changed inside system configuration area.

Huge configurations per system configuration, customer and sublogin available

With this extension you have huge configuration possibilities, e.g:

  • Check if emai of sublogin already exists
  • Allow / disallow sublogins to create sublogins
  • Allow / disallow customers to create sublogins
  • Set max. amount of sublogins which can be created for a specific customer
  • Show / disable "My Sublogins" in frontend for sublogins which are logged in
  • Restrict address book for single or whole entries from the main account

Predefined ACLs

The ACL setup offers predefined ACLs to access the following URLs for a group of sublogins

  • My account area
  • Cart
  • Checkout

Add-On: Sublogin Catalog Restriction

With this Add-On which can be purchased additionally to the sublogin extension you are able to set products only available for some sublogins. Those sublogins have a custom product collection to view.

Usage / Case studies

Mainly a lot of our customers are using our B2B solution to provide

  • Main accounts & sub accounts
  • Parent & child accounts
  • National accounts
  • Budget & purchase limits for main accounts and sub accounts
  • Approval for orders of sub accounts
  • Supervisor which is handling the orders to approve them
  • 100% Open Source
  • Stable and mature software solution
  • Big discount in comparison to creating this extension individually
  • Customizing and further adaptation on request
  • With a yearly support fee you get guaranteed support, updates and upgrades
  • Easy update through composer
  • Extensive documentation

We are offering additional services:

  • Installation service
  • Support package for updates & upgrades (6 or 12 months selectable)
  • Custom delevopment from your request (RFQ)
  • Development of a custom extension regarding your needs

Please fill out the following information in order to receive the credentials for our demo environment. You will automatically receive them to the email address provided.

For how many Magento instances one license is valid ?

Your license is valid for one Magento installation, including scopes (store views, websites ect.).
In addition to this, you can install our extensions on various development- or staging server.

Is the installation included in the price ?

The installation is not included in the price. When you purchase you can opt to an installation service for sure.
We are happy to give you a service to integrate our extensions in your system.

What payment methods are available for purchasing the extensions ?

We are offering bank transfer / prepayment as payment methods.

I need a specific customization of your extension

We are one of the fewest service provider which are offering customizations towards our extensions. Herefore, we create a new internal version of our extension to give you an excellent support and consider the made customizations for ongoing support requests.

Can I install a demo version before purchasing on my local machine ?

As we have no influence on the use once the extension is installed on your system, we can not offer you a local demo version. We keep our demo system, however, always up to date and invite you to test the extension completely on our demo system.

What's about your update policy ?

You can book the support package for your order. With this support package you also get other support around the extension. Included in the support package are updates for your selected Magento version.

I have a question - how can I get in touch with you ?

As we are getting lots of requests it would be glad if you could just send us an email. We will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Please note: The license is usable for staging- and development environments without restrictions.



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