Magento 2 training • for agencys and shop owner • beginners & professionals

Magento is the new star of the eCommerce systems. This system has extensive functionality, flexibility and control over the layout, content and functionality. In addition to very good marketing tools Magento already provides many interfaces to shipping and payment providers. You want to open a shop or are migrating from an older system to Magento? We make you fit in Magento! Whether an individual workshop, user coaching, training designer or developer training - we offer professional support!

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Our magento 2 trainings include:

  • Practical knowledge transfer
  • Small size of attendees
  • Good technical equipment
  • Identification of problem & defining their solutions
  • Tasks for independent processing
we are teaching practical knowledge
magento training sessions

Our training services

  • Professional instructors with several years of practical experience in Magento
  • Provision of training materials
  • Magento 2 remote training
  • Upon request, additional support through phone / email after the end of the training

Magento 2 end-user training

  • Magento backend / administration
  • Magento product management / product types
  • Magento multi-store and multi-site concept
  • Overview frontend / shop customers view
  • CMS pages and blocks edit
  • PO process in frontend & backend
  • SEO Tips & interesting SEO extensions

Magento 2 project management training

  • Perfect fit for agencies who want to perform Magento projects on a high-level
  • Design of technical requirements
  • Introduction of PM software & tools
  • Calculation / effort estimation
  • Customer communication
  • Dealing with change requests & deadlines
  • Acceptance process

Magento 2 template & layout training

In this course, participants will learn the templating & layouting of Magento 2.
They will be able to implement a complete design-level Magento project.

  • Magento design & concept hierarchy
  • Magento template structure (templates, layouts, blocks)
  • Magento standard modifications and customizing existing layouts and blocks
  • Magento theme development
  • Individual adjustments in the theme

Requirements: Basic knowledge (Administration) with Magento, HTML / CSS

Helpful: Knowledge of XML and PHP (structured and object-oriented)

Magento 2 development training

In this course, attendees will learn to develop extensions for Magento 2.
After successful training, you are able to understand the basic principles of Magento development
and based on your acquired knowledge creating own extensions and develop own projects.

  • Magento MVC structure (software architecture)
  • Magento Debugging & Tools
  • Do's and dont's in development with Magento
  • Create configuration parameters and system configurations
  • Tips & tricks
  • Creating your own extensions (reflections, construction, testing, ect)

Requirements: Good knowledge in PHP-OOP and MySQL

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