Magento 2 extension product fees

  • Productfee - Configuration
  • Productfee - Admin Product Edit
  • Productfee - Admin Order View
  • Productfee - Fee Applied
  • Productfee - Fee Applied Checkout Page
  • Productfee - Order view frontend

Functional overview

  • Setup various product fees as attributes
  • Define fixed or percentage value for a fee
  • Assign fee attribute to a product
  • Fee is visible product detail page, order item row, order email, invoice, creditmemo (configurable)


  • Product fees
  • Deposit fees
  • Additional fee for dangerous goods

This extension provides the functionality to setup various product fees for your products. You can define a fixed or percentage (from product price) value for that fee and assign that fee to one or more products.

Each fee can be setup as an product attribute and based on fixed value (* item qty in cart), product tax class or percent value of the product price

The product fee can be displayed at various places in your Magento 2 store:

  • Product detail page
  • Product listing page
  • Cart item row
  • Order email
  • Invoice email / pdf
  • Creditmemo email / pdf
  • Software made in Germany
  • 100% Open Source
  • Stable and mature software solution
  • Big discount in comparison to creating this extension individually
  • Customizing and further adaptation on request
  • With a yearly support fee you get guaranteed support, updates and upgrades

We are offering additional services:

  • Setup service
  • Support package for updates & upgrades
  • Custom delevopment from your request
  • Development of a custom extension regarding your needs

Please fill out the following information in order to receive the credentials for our demo environment. You will automatically receive them to the email address provided.

For how many Magento instances one license is valid ?

Your license is valid for one Magento installation, including scopes (store views, websites ect.).
In addition to this, you can install our extensions on various development- or staging server.

Is the installation included in the price ?

The installation is not included in the price. When you purchase you can opt to an installation service for sure.
We are happy to give you a service to integrate our extensions in your system.

What payment methods are available for purchasing the extensions ?

We are offering PayPal and bank transfer / prepayment as payment methods.

I need a specific customization of your extension

We are one of the fewest service provider which are offering customizations towards our extensions. Herefore, we create a new internal version of our extension to give you an excellent support and consider the made customizations for ongoing support requests.

Can I install a demo version before purchasing on my local machine ?

As we have no influence on the use once the extension is installed on your system, we can not offer you a local demo version. We keep our demo system, however, always up to date and invite you to test the extension completely on our demo system.

What's about your update policy ?

You can book the support package for your order. With this support package you also get other support around the extension. Included in the support package are updates for your selected Magento version (either Magento 1 or Magento 2).

I have a question - how can I get in touch with you ?

As we are getting lots of requests it would be glad if you could just send us an email. We will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Please note: The license is usable for staging- and development environments without restrictions.



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