Magento 2 Modul Price lists

  • Pricesystem Admin - Create pricelist
  • Pricesystem Admin - Pricelist created
  • Pricesystem Admin - Pricelist
  • Pricesystem Admin - Add customer to pricelist
  • Pricesystem Admin - Customer is added to pricelist
  • Pricesystem Admin - Add customer group to pricelist
  • Pricesystem Admin - Customer group is added to pricelist
  • Pricesystem Admin - Add product to pricelist
  • Pricesystem Admin - Product is added to pricelist
  • Pricesystem Frontend - Pricelist price is applied
  • Pricesystem Frontend - Without pricelist price
  • Pricesystem Pricelist inline edit
  • Magento pricesystem add products
  • Pricesystem Configuration 1
  • Assigned Pricelists
  • Pricesystem Configuration 1
  • Pricesystem Configuration 2
  • Pricesystem Configuration 3
  • Pricesystem Configuration 4
  • Pricesystem Customer Discount
  • Pricesystem Customer Group Discount
  • Pricesystem Before Customer Discount
  • Pricesystem After Customer Discount
  • Pricesystem Before Customer Group Discount
  • Pricesystem After Customer Group Discount

Short description

With our B2B Magento price lists module, you can create price lists for your shop in no time at all. Here you can differentiate between price lists (e.g. for promotional prices) and basic price lists. If multiple price lists are used, you can prioritize the price lists. Each price list is an intersection of products, customers and/or customer groups in the Magento 2 system. The simple user interface makes it possible for you to add multiple products to a price list at the same time. The subsequent editing of prices is also very intuitive using the inline edit function.

Functional overview price lists

  • Manage price lists (link to customers, customer groups, products) for one or all websites
  • Creation of basic price lists and price lists (e.g. for promotions)
  • Time restriction for price lists
  • Automatic assignment of new customers to a price list based on a customer attribute
  • Global customer group discounts / Global discounts per customer group
  • Price application: Nominal (in shop currency), nominal surcharges, percentage surcharges, nominal discounts and percentage discounts
  • Display of the discount in % on the list view, search, product detail page (configurable)
  • Total discount can be displayed as a block on the shopping cart page (configurable)
  • Determination of the original price ("strike price")
  • Price Order: Sort Order, Lowest Price, Highest Price
  • Extensive import and export functionalities [Add-on]
  • SOAP / REST API interface [Add-on]

Advantages of our module

  • Full support in multi-store operation
  • Full support for Magento 2 Full Page Cache / Varnish Cache through Ajax technology (asynchronous price loading)
  • High performance even with a large number of data records (> 1 million data records)
  • Full support of all Magento 2 product types
  • Own price system cache type with own cache lifetime to optimize performance
  • Quick changes to data records are possible using "inline editing" within the list view (in the administration area)
  • Seamless integration with Magento 2 pricing process
  • Out of the box compatible with ElasticSuite

Do you need a larger range of functions?

  • Our extension Price system is covering almost every requirement in regard of pricing calculations.

Our B2B module price lists is the ideal module to manage price lists for your Magento 2 shop. Create price lists and base price lists with any combination of products, customers & customer groups.

Global customer discounts / Global discounts per customer

  • Per customer you can assign a global customer discount that applies to all products and is calculated directly from the standard price of the product

Global customer group discounts / Global discounts per customer group

  • Equivalent function to global customer discount logic
  • The discount rate applies to all products in the catalogue

Price application

For each price type of our module, there is always the possibility to specify the following information to define the applicable price:

  • Fixed cost (fixed amount)
  • Surcharge (nominal)
  • Surcharge in %
  • Discount (nominal)
  • Discount %

The reference price can be specified for the percentage values (surcharge %, discount %), e.g. the MRSP, the cost attribute or other price attributes from Magento 2.

Create price lists with Magento 2

Create price lists with our Magento module and combine products, customers and customer groups

  • Price lists can be used to map complex links between products, customers and customer groups
  • Each price list can have any number of products, customers or customer groups
  • A time limit / validity of price lists is also possible
  • Automatic assignment to a price list when registering a customer by matching a customer or customer address attribute
  • Assignment of a customer to a price list in the admin area in the customer management possible
  • With a base price list as your own price type, you can distinguish between a catalog price list and a special price list
  • If there are several price lists, you can use a priority to indicate which price list is valid
  • Define whether a price list should be valid for one website or for all websites in your Magento 2 system

Determination of price orders

You can use a price order to determine which price (per product / customer) applies first, if this rate code is available for the customer.

  • This function determines the forwarding or display of special prices in the frontend, regardless of how many possible combinations (global customer discount, price list) are available for the customer
  • Here you can set a self-defined order, or lowest/highest price

Extensive import and export functionalities [Add-on]

With our add-on you can import and export customer-specific prices/discounts. A sample file (CSV format) is provided with the add-on.

If you wish to adapt the file format or the column headings, we offer this as an individual development.

We can also provide you with a file to schedule the import.

SOAP / REST API interface [Add-on]

We also offer the interface (SOAP/REST API) as an add-on. With this you can automatically transfer the prices from your ERP system or merchandise management system to Magento 2.

Interface integration ERP system & merchandise management system

On request, we can offer you the connection to your ERP system / inventory management system as an individual development. Modern systems support communication with a real-time interface. This is how a connection to systems works such as Actindo, BüroWare, Epicore, JTL, microtech, Netsuite, Pixi, Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE, WinLine, SAP HANA, SAP Business One, weclapp, Oracle JDEdwards, Vario, deltra Business Software orgaMAX and many more are possible.

Note: Since Magento 2.4.x relies on ElasticSearch, there is no current technical display of the price filter

  • 100% Open Source
  • Stable and mature software solution
  • Big discount in comparison to creating this extension individually
  • Customizing and further adaptation on request
  • With a yearly support fee you get guaranteed support, updates and upgrades
  • Easy update through composer
  • Extensive documentation

We are offering additional services:

  • Installation service
  • Support package for updates & upgrades (6 or 12 months selectable)
  • Custom delevopment from your request (RFQ)
  • Development of a custom extension regarding your needs

Please fill out the following information in order to receive the credentials for our demo environment. You will automatically receive them to the email address provided.

For how many Magento instances one license is valid ?

Your license is valid for one Magento installation, including scopes (store views, websites ect.).
In addition to this, you can install our extensions on various development- or staging server.

Is the installation included in the price ?

The installation is not included in the price. When you purchase you can opt to an installation service for sure.
We are happy to give you a service to integrate our extensions in your system.

What payment methods are available for purchasing the extensions ?

We are offering bank transfer / prepayment as payment methods.

I need a specific customization of your extension

We are one of the fewest service provider which are offering customizations towards our extensions. Herefore, we create a new internal version of our extension to give you an excellent support and consider the made customizations for ongoing support requests.

Can I install a demo version before purchasing on my local machine ?

As we have no influence on the use once the extension is installed on your system, we can not offer you a local demo version. We keep our demo system, however, always up to date and invite you to test the extension completely on our demo system.

What's about your update policy ?

You can book the support package for your order. With this support package you also get other support around the extension. Included in the support package are updates for your selected Magento version.

I have a question - how can I get in touch with you ?

As we are getting lots of requests it would be glad if you could just send us an email. We will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Please note: The license is usable for staging- and development environments without restrictions.



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