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B2B eCommerce with Magento

We are an B2B ecommerce specialized Agency working with worlds greatest eCommerce Software Magento. Thus we are helping you to improve your B2B processes with Magento. Beside a complete consultancy we are offering workshops to every project we are managing to improve your processes together with your company.

As solution company for B2B systems with Magento we have a lot of experience in implementation and realized a lot of B2B projects successfully in the past. We are offering solutions for Magento which can be integrated in your existing Magento shop without great effort.

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Magento B2B with MageB2B
B2B processes with Magento

Magento B2B Suite and B2B solutions from MageB2B

We are one of fewest solution provider which are specialized in offering B2B solutions for Magento 2. Our B2B suite comes with a complete rich feature-set and an all-you-need package for your b2b business. For example, a complexe tool to offering different pricings in your webshop, for clients and suppliers. Additional to that, we have integrated solutions for sales / distribution, payment- and shipping solutions and also standardized interfaces to integrate your Magento webshop to your ERP or CRM system.

Our references - industries:

  • Supply Chain
  • Network
  • Consumer goods
  • Veterinary medicine

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Overview MageB2B Magento B2B Suite / B2B extensions

Setup package for MageB2B B2B Suite contains following components:

  • Customizing Magento Webshop for B2B (e.g. customer groups, taxes calculation)
  • VATID check for business customers
  • Customer activation for business customers through shop owner
  • Seperate registration form for business customers
  • Responsive theme / webdesign
  • Payment methods for customer groups and customers seperately configurable
  • Surcharge & fees for different payment methods
  • Different shipping methods incl. calculation and shipping bulk goods
  • Restriction of shipping methods according to customer groups and/or single customers
With our sales and distribution tool you can manage your sales staff easily. In our package for sales management the following components are included:
  • Management of sales staff incl. API (import/export)
  • Registration form for new sales staff
  • Discounts / comission to orders made by sales staff
  • Manage purchase limits for sales staffs
Customer management tool is giving your following opportunities:
  • Management of sub-logins per company / main account
  • Seperate rights management per sub-logins
  • Order approval process for sub-logins
  • Purchase limits for sub-logins
  • Segmentation of customers and customers assignment rules
Our B2B pricing feature-set is very rich:
  • Warenkorbpreisregeln und Katalogpreisregeln ausgehend von Kundenspezifikationen (z.B. Kundenattributen)
  • Pricelists for customers, customer groups and products
  • Customer specific prices & customer specific discounts
  • Category specific prices & category specific prices per customer
  • Global customer discount and global customer group discount
  • Price calculation with price select rule and a lot more possibilities
  • Include / exclude products and / or customer from single price types

We connect your ERP or CRM system with Magento. Our B2B solution is also integrated with an interface where several systems can be connected easily. Here is an selection which data can be send / received (bi-directional):

  • Customer data
  • Products
  • Custom options
  • Orders, invoices and shipments
  • Price lists, customer specific prices, category specific prices
  • Attributes and options for attributes
  • CMS pages and CMS blocks (content)

With our powerful SOAP and REST API technology we can select from a technology stack which your system offers.

As Magento B2B agency we are providing complete B2B solutions for Magento.

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