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Short description

With our B2B extension sales staff / sales representatives you are able to create and manage sales staff members easily in your shop. From registering as sales staff till an order made under an assigned customer from sales staff - this extension offers you whole flexibility and support you in your B2B processes. You can decide if new sales staffs can register on your Magento shop, but they are not yet activated then. After activated - sales staff will be informed via email - a sales staff can search through his assigned customers or also can create / assign new customers to his account. The search engine in frontend is reach-featured, including a search for customers delivery and/or invoice address. Of course, we are offering different API interfaces like CSV, SOAP and REST API. Within a seperate project we are offering customizing to your ERP / CRM system also. Our sales rep extension for Magento is a B2B extension you shouldn't miss.

Functional overview

  • Add, edit and delete sales staff members / sales representatives
  • Assign any number of customers to a sales rep
  • Email notification on creation of a sales rep
  • Assign a sales staff to a customer group
  • Set comission discount for a sales rep
  • Login process with email and password of the sale staff member
  • Sales staff can choose a customer in frontend and might create an order in his name
  • The data of the sales staff will be applied with the order
  • Once logged in with a customers account, a sales staff can view customers basket and make orders within the customer account
  • Import / export of the sales staff via csv file
  • Manage your customers as stuff using a history feature (e.g. add your last phone call)
  • Order Management by Staff (edit item price, edit order)
  • Using REST API to automate the functionality via HTTP
  • Using SOAP API to automate the functionality via XML
  • Support for multi store / multi website environments

With this extension for magento commerce can create new sales staff members or so called sales representatives for your magento shop in next no time. Sales Staff won't be created as an usual customer, but apart in an own menu and entity class. Each Sales Staff can be connected with multiple customer accounts. At the login process in the frontend the Sales staff can choose a customer account which he needs. At the customer account he can create orders or do other tasks. Also the tool has a csv interface to import sales staff members.

Create sales staff in backend

Easily create sales staff members in backend and assign customers to them. You can define if a sales staff is active or non-active. Non-active means, the staff can currently not log-in. Also, there is a special setting "can access all customers" which allows a single sales staff /staff member to be assigned to all customers and therefore he can choose customers in frontend system-wide.

Create sales staff in frontend

Also, it's possible to create sales staff in frontend by typing in a special URL. Per default, the creation of sales staff is possible, but can be deactivated through a system configuration. After registering as a sales staff the sales staff member needs to be activated in the backend area of Magento.

Great performance and usability for searching customers in frontend

In frontend we are offering a very good performance and usability search for searching customers. Also, it's possible to search for an email address so you can check if the sales staff is already assigned. It's possible to say that a customer which is connected to one sales staff can not be connected to another.

Set commission discount per sales staff

You can set comission discounts per sales staff, depending on net total amount, total amount or discount per product.

Import CSV interface for sales representatives

Easily import your staff members over an own, fast CSV import interface. We are offering a sample csv file to understand how it works.

Order Management

As a staff account in frontend you can manage your orders. Based on the setting of that staff record, you can edit item prices and/or edit a complete order. Furthermore, you can add order comments.

Customer comments & customer history management

Manage your customers in frontend easily using a comment feature and additionally a full history feature to add e.g. recent notes from a phone call of a client.

Great API features

For our sales staff extension we are offering great API features, such as SOAP API (also v2) and REST API. If you are not using an API, you can use our import interface to create sales staff and connect customers with those.

  • Software made in Germany
  • 100% Open Source
  • Stable and mature software solution
  • Big discount in comparison to creating this extension individually
  • Customizing and further adaptation on request
  • With a yearly support fee you get guaranteed support, updates and upgrades

We are offering additional services:

  • Setup service
  • Support package for updates & upgrades
  • Custom delevopment from your request
  • Development of a custom extension regarding your needs

Please fill out the following information in order to receive the credentials for our demo environment. You will automatically receive them to the email address provided.

For how many Magento instances one license is valid ?

Your license is valid for one Magento installation, including scopes (store views, websites ect.).
In addition to this, you can install our extensions on various development- or staging server.

Is the installation included in the price ?

The installation is not included in the price. When you purchase you can opt to an installation service for sure.
We are happy to give you a service to integrate our extensions in your system.

What payment methods are available for purchasing the extensions ?

We are offering PayPal and bank transfer / prepayment as payment methods.

I need a specific customization of your extension

We are one of the fewest service provider which are offering customizations towards our extensions. Herefore, we create a new internal version of our extension to give you an excellent support and consider the made customizations for ongoing support requests.

Can I install a demo version before purchasing on my local machine ?

As we have no influence on the use once the extension is installed on your system, we can not offer you a local demo version. We keep our demo system, however, always up to date and invite you to test the extension completely on our demo system.

What's about your update policy ?

You can book the support package for your order. With this support package you also get other support around the extension. Included in the support package are updates for your selected Magento version (either Magento 1 or Magento 2).

I have a question - how can I get in touch with you ?

As we are getting lots of requests it would be glad if you could just send us an email. We will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Please note: The license is usable for staging- and development environments without restrictions.



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