Magento extension price system

  • magento customer specific prices
  • magento manage and edit category specific prices
  • magento global discounts
  • magento customer individual prices
  • magento create price lists
  • category specific price magento

Functional overview

  • Create customer individual / customer specific prices per product, also including tier prices
  • Set of customized price types with a price scale and a time stamp (optional)
  • Management of discounts (global, as well as customer groups or customized)
  • Management of price lists (link with customers, customer groups, products, attributes)
  • Inclusion and exclusion of specific types of price (possible about customers and products)
  • Complete import and export interface for the exchange of data via CSV
  • Complete REST API to automate the functionality over HTTP
  • Management of price sequences (the activation of several types of price to determine the order of the application
  • Logging functionality to make errors in the configuration quickly memorize
  • Support for all product types
  • Support the operation of multi-sites
  • Use of more than 1 million records (eg prices / customer) without performance degradation possible
  • Support for multi store / multi website environments


  • Magento Community Edition 1.7 - 1.9
  • Magento Enterprise Edition 1.1.x

The pricesystem extension is THE Price-Extension for your B2B- Magento shop. Of course you can also use this extension in a B2C-Shop. With this extension you add multiple new price types to your Magento shop, for instance: customer individual prices, customer individual discounts, category specific customer prices, price lists, group prices, complex pricing rules.

Besides an intuitive usage of those price types. This extension provides also a full import- and export functionality. This can be done via CSV, Magentos integrated REST-API for communication with other systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, SCM).

Customer individual / customer specific prices per product per customer

  • Assignment of customer individual / customer specific prices per product per customer
  • Various tier prices possible
  • Easy management including auto suggest search of products / customers to "automatically" assign the data
  • Using the option "percent" it's possible to change the given value (e.g. 20 USD) as percentage value of the original price of this product (instead of just using an end-price per customer / per product
  • Therefore, it's possible to manage customer individual / customer specific discounts
  • For every data set you can add a comment to have additional data (useful e.g. for using thousands of datasets)
  • CSV adapter interface for automatically import customer specific prices per file
  • REST API interface for automatically create, update, delete customer specific prices per HTTP
  • Easy system integration to your ERP system, e.g. WinLine, SAP, Business One, SAGE OfficeLine, Microsoft Dynamics

Category specific prices per customer

  • Assignment of customer individual / customer specific prices per category per customer
  • Also you can use tier prices for this price type
  • Easy support including auto suggest of products / customers
  • You can convert the price value also being a discount
  • Therefore it's possible to have category specific discounts per customer
  • Also it's easy to add a comment to every data set
  • CSV adapter included
  • REST API interface included
  • Integrate your ERP, CRM or SCM system with our extension - using CSV adapter or REST API over HTTP

Global customer discounts / Global discounts per customer

  • You can apply a global discount per customer which is valid for all products in your catalog
  • The discount will be calculated from original price of the specific product
  • Through a system configuration you can prevent that global customer discounts are being applied without verification (configuration: set verified attribute to yes)

Global customer group discounts / Global discounts per customer group

  • Equivalent function as above logic of global customer discounts
  • The discount will be applied to all products in your catalog
  • As above, you can prevent the global customer group discount using the verified attribute

Create price lists with our Magento extension

Create price lists and combine products, customers and customer groups - even product attributes!

  • With price lists you can make complex connections between products, customers, customer groups and product attribute options (e.g. you have summer and winter season and have 2 price lists for this, you only need to change the attribute values of every product to apply another price list)
  • The price lists can be restricted using valid from - to date time (so price lists won't be applied beside these restriction dates)
  • In addition, price lists can be combined with attribute options, to just consider these options while applying a specific price list
  • Create, update and delete your price lists using csv adapter or REST API interface

Price ranges - ranges for price types

As our extension is adding various price types to your Magento system, you can assign a specific price range and this determines which price (per customer / product) is being applied, if this price type is valid for this combination.

  • The function price range can be applied on three different configuration areas (global - system configuration, per customer group, per single customer) and is therefore very individual configurable
  • This function ascertains the view of specific prices in the frontend, impartial which price types are available beside
  • Configuration settings are: apply highest price, apply lowest price, using a special price range which can be configured

In- and exclude of products or customers using attributes

  • Using the attribute discountable (on products side of view) and verified (on customers side of view) you can assign price types and therefore, single products or customers can be excluded from getting special prices (e.g. customer specific prices, category prices or whatever you like)
  • This is a check before the discounts or special prices are being applied by the system
  • In this configuration you can assign which price type is affectable for this verification

Extensive import and export functionalities

We are offering extensive import and export functionalities for the following price types:

  • customer indidividual prices / customer specific prices / customer specific discounts
  • category specific prices / category specific discounts
  • price lists

For this price types we are provide own csv adapter and REST API interfaces. A further API integration (using SOAP or your own API) can be ordered as an individual development service. Of course, you can also import and export the attributes verified and discountable) over the default csv adapter interfaces.

  • Current release: 3.8
  • Compatibility: Magento Community Edition 1.7 - 1.9; Magento Enterprise Edition 1.1.x
  • Comes with installation and user manual
  • Languages: German and English
  • Deployable with modman
  • Software made in Germany
  • Stable and mature software solution
  • Comes with an exhaustive manual
  • Big discount in comparison to creating this extension individually
  • Customizing and further adaptation on request
  • With a yearly support fee you get guaranteed support, updates and upgrades

We are offering additional services:

  • Setup service
  • Support package for updates & upgrades
  • Custom delevopment from your request
  • Development of a custom extension regarding your needs
    We are both producer and wholesaler/retailer. For our shop we needed a solution which could make various discount on existing tier prices adaptable. Also it had to be possible that we can give individual prices in special cases without endanger the price rules. We have a 5-digit figure of products and at least 30 differen discount systems in use. Without this extension we had to maintain millions of prices manually. The savings on personnel expense is enormous. This extension has amortised itself for us many times. The service and the individual customizations of our special cases were done excellent! The contact persons are competent, quick and friendly. In short - for complex price architectures is this extension a must have.
    Peter Seeck, Procurator
    Fis Organisation GmbH, Hamburg

    This extension is a swiss army knife to maintain the most up to date prices in the B2B-Sector. Apart from excellent support, one gets source code which even withstands the scrutiny of adept Magento developers. We also use this extension successfully in shops with over a million products. The price-performance ratio is here just right. Because of that +1 from us. Absolutely recommendable!
    Mario Beiser, Project manager
    Web Commerce GmbH, Offenburg

    We have tried various price-extensions in our shop. This one here is the only one which can cover and works for all our use cases. Especially the programming quality of other extensions leaves a lot to be desired. For using this extension are besides the installation nearly no modifications required. When we had further inquiry we got answer in shortest time
    Stephan Werner, COO
    Flexoptix GmbH, Dietzenbach
Demo-Shop Frontend Demo-Shop Backend
  • Backend Username: demo
  • Backend Password: test123


  • Pricesystem -> Price list
  • Pricesystem -> Price index
  • Customer -> Manage Customers -> choose a Customer -> Tab "Pricesystem"
  • Product -> Manage Products -> choose a product -> Tab "Prices"
  • Customer -> Customer Groups
  • System -> Configuration -> MageB2B -> Pricesystem
Notice: The license is usable for staging- and development environments without restrictions.

Price per license: 1999€

Support package: 499€ per year, time period 02-09-2014 - 01-09-2015

Installation service: 199€

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  1. For how many Magento instances one license is valid?

  2. Your license is valid for one Magento installation, including scopes (storeViews, websites ect.)
    In addition to this, you can install our extensions on various development- or staging server.

  3. Is the installation included in the price?

  4. The installation is not included in the price, while every Magento ecosystem could be very different. We are happy to give you a service to integrate our extensions in your system (paid service). Charge of this service is per hour.

  5. I need a specific customization of your extension

  6. We are one of the fewest service provider which are offering customizations towards our extensions. Herefore, we create an internal new version, to give you an excellent support and consider the made customizations while giving support.
    For an individual customization service we charge 90,00 € per hour (excl. TAX). More details see on our price list.

  7. Can i install a demo version before purchasing on my local machine?

  8. As we have no influence on the use once the extension is installed on your system, we can not offer you a local demo version. We keep our demo system, however, always up to date and invite you to test the extension completely on our demo system.
    If you have questions on functions of the extensions, don't hesitate to contact us.

  9. What's about your update policy?

  10. You can book the support package for your order. With this support package you also get other support around the extension. Included in the support package are updates for Magento version 1.x, but not Magento 2.

  11. I have a question - how can i get in touch with you?

  12. As we are getting lots of requests it would be glad if you could just send us an email. We will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks.

This extension is used worldwide. We are happy to have satisfied customers from all over the world! Thanks for your trust in us.
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